Get Your Own Free Playlist. 100 Facts About Faygo You Never Needed to Know

100 Facts About Faygo You Never Needed to Know

Anonymous said: i got a motherfucking friend of yours.A MOTHERFUCKING CANDYBLOODED SISTER YOU UP AND MOTHERFUCKING KNOW. but i can't get my paint on. MOTHERFUCKING PAINT MY MOTHERFUCKING MASTERPIECE. with only one of you motherfuckers.

Oh sure, yeah, THAT’S why I can’t a hold of her. Because you’ve been painting with her blood. Can we cut it out with thi-

Anonymous said: If you only had 6 minutes to live, would you do something Faygo related with your final moments?

Like what, cauterize my wound with the burning acid of Faygo? No safe to say, when I die, Faygo will probably be one of the last things on my mind.


gizmogarden-deactivated20131210 said: oh awesome! yeah me and my friends homestuckers or not because me and 4 of my friends are into faygo we got the rest of our families into faygo my favortie is mountain mist i think is what its called? whats your favorite? would it just be all faygo? or do you have a favorite

I’m not actually all that into the taste of Faygo (long story), so I’d have to say, grudgingly, Black Cherry. Boot Snad though? SHE LOVES THE STUFF. She likes most flavors but her favorite is definitely 60/40. If I could only get a hold of her she’d answer this question and tell you that herself.


Okay, so I’m now choosing to redirect all questions to our new blog just for that: Faygo fasks. You can still click on the “got questions about faygo?” link on the side of this blog, it will just redirect you to the ask box on that one.

I’m going to answer the rest of the questions we have in the box right now and then Faygo fasks will handle all the questions from then on. Cool? Cool.

Anonymous said: I AM GOING TO MOTHERFUCKING KILL ALL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. and paint the wicked pictures with your motherfuckin candyblood. FROM YOUR VEINS WILL DRIP MY MIRACLES. your crushed bones will make my special stardust.

I appreciate the enthusiasm with the copying and pasting death threats and all, but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t actually get to me does it.


gizmogarden-deactivated20131210 said: faygo do you know theres a web comic promoting faygo? or it has the drink in it

At first I thought you meant other than Homestuck. But yes, we know about Homestuck. Oh man, let ME tell you about Homestuck. Boot Snad has cosplayed Sis Strider and made several plushies of the grub version of your avatar. Chick is into it. We’ve omitted it from the facts because basically all of our followers are Homestucks.


Little late to the party anon. As for where, maybe you can find the ones from that commercial. Otherwise you’re stuck making your own sad, sad attempt.


Anonymous said: ha. MOTHERFUCKIN HA. candyblooded sister thinks she's got her funny motherfuckin on. THINKS SHE UP AND MOTHERFUCKIN GOT SOME MOTHERFUCKIN WICKED FIRES. ha ha. HA.

I can tell you, Grayface, that these fires are beyond wicked. These are some vile fires. These fires sell children into slavery. These fires kick puppies and them put them to work in a sweatshop. DO YOU KNOW, Grayface, how hard it is for a puppy to work in a sweatshop without thumbs? Do you!?


I love you guys.

Baby, for enough money they’ll be whatever you want them to be. But you probably have to supply the costume. Maybe you can get your hands on these?


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